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The EGO pen machine This is the machine that is evolutionary pen machine,when they launched to the market that is almost change the market of the tattoo,because the well-designed and well made material,it looks the machine that is all person never met this before,this is the ego pen machine. Initially we would like to say the design,the machine frame used the parts which are made from solid rods of high grade aluminum, then polished and anodized,and the entire machine is light,it is only 160g,make tattoo artist working easy, the worlds first On/Off switch device. Which Is the switch on the top of the machine,this design that could be switch on switch off without the foot pedal,it is no longer working with the foot pedal,this machine is easy to tattooing that release the foot that the artists could pay attention on tattoo work,also the ergonomics that make the tattoo artist working like use the pen,that is why the majority of people choose ego pen machine. In general,All the product which need to innovate themself,because no matter which item if they didn't upgrade or innovate that they will be out of the market,people who will forget it,that is why our ego pen machine is brilliant,because only the one thing,the switch on the top,the artist only turn on or turn off by hand,they do not need to press the foot pedal anymore,it is like that the painting,the pen machine could be the pen which is light and low vibration that make tattoo easy and better,this is the reason why we made this machine. Finally,we are glad that many people who try using our machine,get more advice that we can create the best product,best service.
5/25/2019 5:38 AM By DragonHawk 0 Comments Product Show,
GABE s Rotary Tattoo Machine

What is GABE s machine?this is the question that every one who want to know the answer,here is the explanation of the GABE s machine,so everyone who would like to know who is the GABE?GABE is the tattoo artist who renowned the worldwide,and this machine was designed by this person.

Let us introduce How good is this machine,initially this is the machine that is able to change soft and hard easily,also come with the most powerful motor,can be both lining and shading,secondly This machine has an interchangeable 3.7mm to 3.2mm stroke length,it is suitable for tattoo artist that let tattooing easy,comfortable grab and ergonomics that's why so many tattoo artist like this machine so much.

Secondly,Why would we call this machine GABES machine?GABE is an experienced tattoo artist,has been tattooing for decade years,working with many kind of machine that he has designed and experience this machine,he offers many suggestion that could improve the performance and let it working and using much better,when the machine launched that many tattoo artist get it and try it that no one say it bad,we got a lot of good feedback and advice,tattoo artist may love it since working with GABE machine,one pen machine could do everything they want,with good motor that the machine can working long time and do best tattoo,smoothly operation like drawing,reduce the pleasure from the tattoo artist that doesn't feel hard,let tattoo enjoyable and comfortable.

Our company dedicate to produce a machine that let tattoo artist working better and easy,tattoo is not the complicate,it should be well done with a good machine.we wish all tattoo could done best sample with there machine,
This is what we expected .

4/27/2019 12:48 AM By DragonHawk 0 Comments Product Show,
Mast Tour pen machine One of the most flexible pen machine

In 2019,Dragonhawk tattoo supply has been launched a pen machine,which is flexible and smallest pen machine,why do we make this pen machine?Because the traditional tattoo machine is too heavy,and also not too easy to take it to anywhere that is the reason why we made the machine like this one.Mast tour made for travelling and need to place easy tattoo.

the frame of Mast tour Machine are made from solid rods of high grade aluminum then polished and anodized, laser engraved logo. That why the machine is light,also used the coreless motor that the machine is powerful and strong,the appropriately working voltage is 6-8V which is enough for all work,the highlight is the LED light designing,while you turn on the machine that is the blue light will turn on,it is the tremendous design that we have ever done. We are dedicate to produce the unique machine that we faster than others.

In general,the tattoo machine has been developed generation to generation,for the pen machine,this is the huge change that it may shocking,because some people think that the small pen machine is not powerful that not working long time,but our pen machine would be able to work long time,it is strong as well.

At the end,why do we recommend this pen?Because the pen is also good for female artist that is easy to control,let tattoo more enjoyable and reduce the pain of the person who tattoo,the machine is quiet that also lower the anxiety,so we believe that we have made the success pen machine.

4/20/2019 12:35 AM By DragonHawk 0 Comments Product Show,
what tattoo machine should i buy

Which machine should tattoo artist buy?That is good question,there are so many kind of machine on the market which is coil machine、rotary machine and pen machine,everyone has a question that which one is good?Which one is good for work?we will explain the reason that how choose the machine which is good for you.

It is as same as the electronic device that is upgrade generation to generation,they used the coil machine in decade years ago at the beginning that rotary machine launched,and now lot of tattoo artist who choose the rotary pen machine with cartridge because they use pen machine working easily,also working efficiently,and now,the rotary machine and rotary machine pen can be both working lining and shading,sometimes pen machine do a good lining,why are they good?Because we have collected a lot of advice from each tattoo artist,they all said good,which is light and ergonomics,let tattooing as same as painting that all tattooing should be easy,let more fresh tattoo artist learning better.

The tattoo machine will tend to the rotary tattoo machine pen in the next few years,if i were a Tattoo artist that i would choose pen machine,because the pen machine can easy to take to anywhere that is be able to work everywhere,some of artist when they working in different that they only take one pen,they can working well and working much better,that is why we suggest to pick a pen machine,if working with good power supply which can be working without the foot Pedal,I believe that is enough for each level tattoo artist,the pen machine is easily use,just adjust the stroke and voltage,so if the new tattoo artist that they can also choose the pen machine for work.

At the end,we would to say no matter what machine does the tattoo artist picked,it depend on the tattoo artist whose get used to use it.coil machine、rotary machine and pen choose,pick one which is suitable for them,it will be working well.

4/13/2019 12:28 AM By DragonHawk Comments Tattoo Tips,
The advantage of the rotary tattoo machine

More and more tattoo artist has chosen the rotary machine to tattooing that we wonder why do they choose the rotary?
because they are quiet and easy to pick up,the rotary machine was suitable for the shading work in the past few years that the rotary machine should be both working which is lining and shading,
that's why the rotary machine has chosen by a lot tattoo artist of the world.

In the past few years,tattoo Artist who like the coil machine which is powerful and strong,the coil machine good for the lining,but the sound is load and heavier than rotary machine,it seem that the electronic device such as the Mobil phone,the different between cell phone and smart phone which is one is able to surfing the Internet,
other one has just taking and writing message,it is the similar that between the coil machine and rotary machine that which one can take place market and customer,

in my option that if I was a tattoo artist i will pick the rotary machine,why?
because the rotary machine is light and low sound,and now the rotary machine could be lining.

other rotary machine which is the rotary pen machine,it looks like a pen that more comfortable and convenience,some of pen machine without the noise that let tattoo much easier,with powerful motor that should be do lining,i think it depend on person who like coil machine or rotary,I believe that the most supply will make rotary machine,let tattoo artist work better. In general,no matter coil machine rotary machine and pen machine that is all the good tattoo equipment for tattoo artist,it all be able to make a good work.

3/23/2019 1:31 AM By DragonHawk Comments Tattoo Machines,

As everyone knows that How the tattoo impact their life?Why does it become more and more significant in life?It is the new trendy mark that anyone whether male or female who want one tattoo on their body,that's why they important and become popular.

The tattoo concept from the western society which is 19-20 century,from now it has so many style which is from so many country,
tattoo art has exist the individual world primitive culture that has been experienced different generation that still appear in nature,
it has their own reason that exist,some people said that the tattoo would be able to cover something,but i do not believe it,it will be the artist of new generation,
whether younger generation or older generation who could accept this new cultural,
it has become the worldwide fashionable pattern on there own body.they can put any of pattern which is prefer pattern,
we call it the decoration of the skin.

On the other hand that the less people believe when they have full of tattoo pattern that it could be without the clothes,
in addition,
if person want to show the tattoo that it should be put off the cloth and display the tattoo,that is the true because when people want a tattoo that they need to do too much work to prepare before tattooing,
and the process is tough and pain,
And decorate themself with beautiful tattoos that create a more reality and perfect style,
it is the goal of these person who like tattoo.

Well most people who like tattoo such as the actor、NBA player、football player,they like to show their tattoo pattern it might be the different person who like the different tattoo,
tattoo culture are fashionable that no matter student、adult and athlete whose like the their tattoo,
for example the well-known NBA player Rodman who has the wonderful tattoo pattern on his arm and back,even the face does,
and the female athlete who Morris has the tattoo on her shoulder,35% NBA has the tattoo in NBA,that's could be able prove how the tattoo impact the world,
because it is depend on the people that to comprehend the tattoo,but other people believe that the tattoo is the religion,
pick a pattern and find a good artist to get a tattoo that is nice.

In conclude,the tattoo has already impact the word that no matter the person who has their own social status,rich or not rich that they do not influence the people whether truly love the tattoo,
tattoo has became typically that everyone has the right to have the tattoo art.

3/9/2019 12:16 AM By Dragonhawk 0 Comments Tattoo Art Gallery,
Grey wash is a common technique for creating smooth black and grey tattoos.Kuro Sumi tattoo inks have a very smooth grey appearance in the skin and are mixed in similar ways mentioned in the grey wash technique.Read More
4/20/2017 12:20 PM By Dragonhawk 0 Comments Tattoo Inks,
Configuration indicates how the needles are grouped together,three basic shapes for needle configurations are rounds.flats and magnums.Read More
4/18/2017 12:20 AM By Dragonhawk 0 Comments Tattoo Needles,
There are just as many methods for creating different variations for shading in tattoo as there are ways to tune a tattoo machine.This text will cover a few of the commonly accepted practices for mixing up the shading inks.Read More
4/15/2017 12:20 PM By Dragonhawk 0 Comments Tattoo Inks,
The ultimate goal of tattooing is to make a solid design appear smooth in the skin and have as little trauma as possible occur to the tattooed area.Read More
4/15/2017 12:08 AM By Dragonhawk 0 Comments Tattoo Tips,
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