The EGO pen machine This is the machine that is evolutionary pen machine,when they launched to the market that is almost change the market of the tattoo,because the well-designed and well made material,it looks the machine that is all person never met this before,this is the ego pen machine. Initially we would like to say the design,the machine frame used the parts which are made from solid rods of high grade aluminum, then polished and anodized,and the entire machine is light,it is only 160g,make tattoo artist working easy, the worlds first On/Off switch device. Which Is the switch on the top of the machine,this design that could be switch on switch off without the foot pedal,it is no longer working with the foot pedal,this machine is easy to tattooing that release the foot that the artists could pay attention on tattoo work,also the ergonomics that make the tattoo artist working like use the pen,that is why the majority of people choose ego pen machine. In general,All the product which need to innovate themself,because no matter which item if they didn't upgrade or innovate that they will be out of the market,people who will forget it,that is why our ego pen machine is brilliant,because only the one thing,the switch on the top,the artist only turn on or turn off by hand,they do not need to press the foot pedal anymore,it is like that the painting,the pen machine could be the pen which is light and low vibration that make tattoo easy and better,this is the reason why we made this machine. Finally,we are glad that many people who try using our machine,get more advice that we can create the best product,best service.