what tattoo machine should i buy

Which machine should tattoo artist buy?That is good question,there are so many kind of machine on the market which is coil machine、rotary machine and pen machine,everyone has a question that which one is good?Which one is good for work?we will explain the reason that how choose the machine which is good for you.

It is as same as the electronic device that is upgrade generation to generation,they used the coil machine in decade years ago at the beginning that rotary machine launched,and now lot of tattoo artist who choose the rotary pen machine with cartridge because they use pen machine working easily,also working efficiently,and now,the rotary machine and rotary machine pen can be both working lining and shading,sometimes pen machine do a good lining,why are they good?Because we have collected a lot of advice from each tattoo artist,they all said good,which is light and ergonomics,let tattooing as same as painting that all tattooing should be easy,let more fresh tattoo artist learning better.

The tattoo machine will tend to the rotary tattoo machine pen in the next few years,if i were a Tattoo artist that i would choose pen machine,because the pen machine can easy to take to anywhere that is be able to work everywhere,some of artist when they working in different that they only take one pen,they can working well and working much better,that is why we suggest to pick a pen machine,if working with good power supply which can be working without the foot Pedal,I believe that is enough for each level tattoo artist,the pen machine is easily use,just adjust the stroke and voltage,so if the new tattoo artist that they can also choose the pen machine for work.

At the end,we would to say no matter what machine does the tattoo artist picked,it depend on the tattoo artist whose get used to use it.coil machine、rotary machine and pen choose,pick one which is suitable for them,it will be working well.