The last part of the needle is the portion of the needle configuration that comes in contact with the client,and punctures the skin.This is the needle grouping.

The needle grouping consists of 1 or more needles soldered together in different shapes.The three basic shapes for needle configurations are rounds.flats and magnums.

When re-made needles on a bar are purchased,they are categorized by their needle grouping configuration.Historically the round needle configurations have been utilized to line.while the flat and magnum(mags) have been utilized to shade and color.

Configuration indicates how the needles are grouped together.

tattoo needle configuration
The configuration determines the shape or pattern of how the ink will go into the skin. So in the example 1207RL indicates the configuration. RL stands for round liner,a round liner is a formation of needles in a tight circular formation which is used for lining.

The other configurations are RS = round shader, F = flats, M1 = weaved magnum, M2 = stacked magnum and RM = round magnum.