There are just as many methods for creating different variations for shading in tattoo as there are ways to tune a tattoo machine.This text will cover a few of the commonly accepted practices for mixing up the shading inks.

Some artists that do mostly color work will have large bottles of pre-mixed shading ink set up,while some artists who do a lot of grey work still prefer to mix their pigments in the ink-caps prior to completing the tattoo.

best grey wash tattoo inks
Grey wash is a common technique for creating smooth black and grey tattoos.The grey wash method requires the artist to mix his inks either in bottles of in caps on the work space.The theory is the same and it is based upon ratios.The grey wash can be obtained by using alcohol,distilled water,or witch hazel as a primary agent.Depending on how many values of grey the artist wishes to have in their pallet,he will fill up ink caps with the same amount of the agent of preference.Then ink will be added to the caps one drop at a time.

An example of grey wash mixture would be three shades of grey and one solid black.This will require one ink cap to be full of solid black ink.and one ink cap to be full of witch hazel.Then three additional caps with equal amounts of witch hazel will be setup.

best grey wash tattoo inks
The first cap will have one drop of ink.and the next will have two drops.and the third will have three drops.The problem with this meghod is that each time the artist dips his tip into the solid black,and then back to one of the pre-mixed caps,he will be increasing the amount of black in the caps.It is for this reason that a lot of artists will rely on their knowledge to tried and true mixing.This takes practice, a lot of practice.

It is not possible to say that a specific mixture will remain consistent throughout a tattoo session.It is also important to note that blood and plasma will be added to the ink caps as the tattoo session progresses;ultimately diluting the mixtures as well.

Best grey wash tattoo ink Kuro Sumi are available as well to tattoo artists.These inks will have a very smooth grey appearance in the skin and are mixed in similar ways mentioned in the grey wash technique.There are some manufactures that are selling Kuro Sumi tattoo inks for tattoo purposes.but they can also be purchased at art supply in solid bar from.The bars must be ground and mixed with an agent prior to tattooing.Any time there is a material that is not intended for tattooing and the source is not designed for the use in the skin, it is important to autoclave the liquid.