It is important for the artist to be aware of his ability and limitations of his skill in conjunction with his tools.In this article, we will give you some tips for how to choose soft shading tattoo machines,inks or needles during tattoo shading.

To avoid needle or spotty marks in the tattoo while doing grey work it is important to use a much softer running machine than you would typically use during a lining session.It is also important to utilize circular smooth motions.Magnum needles will also efficiently help to lay smoother gradients,no matter what method of grey scale tattooing you select.Some artists will advise against using the circular motions,and insist on scrubbing motions.

dragonhawk soft shading tattoo machine

Typically a faster running machine with a shorter stroke will be very effective if you decide to use scrubbing style of shading.The important thing is to pay attention to the skin.You have to know when you are causing too much trauma to a client’s skin.If you can get away with pressing hard and working fast to achieve smooth gradients without damaging the skin,then go for it.

Once the artist has determined his own personal style of tattooing, it may be very possible that he has to utilize more than on technique of grey shading.If there is something in the artist’s arsenal that appears to work well he should annotate it, and try to replicate it with each tattoo he does.

A useful tip is to find the ratios of ink that work best,and make larger 2oz-4oz bottls of the inks premixed and label them.Having the inks premixed can save a lot of time and help the artist to maintain the consistency.Don’t forget you can put an autoclave ball bearing or stainless steel bolt in the bottle.This will help mix the ink when the bottle is shaken.The reason some artists prefer to use a bolt as opposed to a ball bearing is that sometimes the bearing will get stuck in the nozzle of the ink when you are attempting to pour it out.

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The ultimate goal of tattooing is to make a solid design appear smooth in the skin and have as little trauma as possible occur to the tattooed area.This will allow for optimal healing time.If you are an artist that has a great deal of problems with gradients in your other mediums,you may want to reconsider tattooing,or work extensively in other mediums until you can fully grasp the concepts of shading.

Tattooing should be carried out in a fairly quick and methodical manner,because you are digging on someone’s body.Typically the client does not want to be experimented on. Needle selection will also play an important role in shading.It is not just about the ink,the machine, or the needle.It is the balance of all of these things.This is why it is important for the artist to be aware of his ability and limitations of his skill in conjunction with his tools.