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Dragonhawk Extreme X2 Brass Rotary Tattoo Machine RCA Cord 25MM Brass Grip 2pcs Nonwovens Grip Cover Self-adhesive 099DIY

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Quick Overview

Extreme X2 is rotary tattoo machine from Extreme tattoo supply, created in collaboration with Dragonhawk tattoo supply, specialized in creating various rotary tattoo machine with every tattoo artists need.
Extreme X2 rotary machine is a simple design and efficient performance. CNC machined from a solid block of Pure Brass
This machine has a 2.5mm- 4.2mm adjustable stroke and a powerful Japan motor- increased torque with less voltage
This rotary machine have spring and armature bar set-up that ensure more Stable frequency, have stronger rebound.
Adjustable Stroke length This machine has 2.5mm - 4.2mm stroke length Like the left machine image, adjust the machine left screw to get the different stroke, there is not timing, you can twist the screw. Clockwise twist to reduce the stroke, Counterclockwise twist to increase the stroke
Brass frame with Spring The brass material ensure this machine has long time used and more stable frequency. RCA connected with 10mm German bearing.
This machine could be used both shading, lining, large area coloring. Designed for use with standard and cartridge needles
Instruction Lining: Stroke length 3mm, operating voltage 6V-7V for 3RL-9RL sizes grouping needles Stroke length 4mm, operating voltage 7V-8V for 11RL-18RL sizes grouping needles Shading: Stroke length 3mm, operating voltage 5V-6V for 5M-9M sizes grouping needles Stroke length 4mm, operating voltage 6V-7V for 11M-15M sizes grouping needles Stroke length 4.2mm, operating voltage 8V-9V for 15M-25M sizes grouping needles

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