Dragonhawk Mast Flex Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine


Mast Flex Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine

Tattoo with confidence and trace your creative vision with a firm grip using the Mast
With the sleek, super-lightweight pen tattoo machine, you can count on the precision and accuracy of a pen-style machine as well as unmatched versatility
Employing a specially designed mechanism, the Mast Flex pen operates by returning to its initial position by its motor, rather than by the spring.
Using this special mechanism, this Rotary tattoo pen machine is as effective as a hard-hitting coil when it comes to line work
Combined with the lightweight body and super low center of gravity, you’ll be sure to have a firm grasp on your machine, inspiring focus, steadiness, and precision
Designed for comfortable, clean, and efficient tattooing


Weight: 134g
Size: 28mm*97mm
Motor: Coreless Motor
Stroke: 3.5mm
Speed: 12V/10000Rpm