Tour Y24 wireless pen machine features a detachable rechargeable battery incorporated into the handle.

The kit includes two batteries, allowing for continuous usage.

To charge the battery, open the top of the tattoo pen and remove the internal battery.

Align the positive and negative terminals with the charger.

The charger has a fixed positive "+" end and a sliding track for the negative "-" end.

Insert the battery into the charger and rotate it to reveal the built-in USB cable at the back.

Connect the cable to the charging port and the red indicator light on the charger will illuminate, indicating that the battery is charging.

Once the indicator light turns green, the battery is fully charged.

Unplug the charger from the power source and remove the battery.

Lastly, insert the battery into the tattoo pen, ensuring proper orientation by following the arrow on the battery. 


December 23, 2023

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