Playing & Learning, General, Fine, and Creative Studio tattoo kits all offer something unique to the tattoo artist, whether they are a beginner or a professional. Each kit is designed to meet the specific needs of the artist at their skill level, providing the necessary tools and accessories to create high-quality tattoos.

For those just starting out, the Playing & Learning series offers an affordable and accessible entry point into the world of tattooing, with easy to use machines and basic accessories. It includes the following products: Coils Tattoo Machine Kit, Tattoo Pen Kit and Wireless Tattoo Kit. These products are easy to get started with and come with detailed guides and tutorials.

As a tattoo beginner or intermediate level of tattoo artist in the stage of learning tattooing for over one year but less than three years, they can upgrade to the General series, offering reliable and versatile machines for a wider range of tattoo styles.

The General series tattoo kits are well-balanced, easy to operate machines with adjustable needle and voltage settings that can be customized to the artist's preferences, as well as a series of accessories such as handles, needle tips, needles and power supplies. General tattoo kits are available in the Tattoo Pen Kit and Wireless Tattoo Kit. Machines in the General series are designed for smooth and consistent performance with low vibration and noise levels and are usually backed by a warranty and customer support.

The General kit series is a good choice for tattoo artists to keep learning and practicing, to improve their skills and level, and to gradually develop their own style and reputation.When tattoo artists are more experienced, they can choose the Fine Tattoo Kit series which is complete and more professional.

The Fine Tattoo Kit includes all the equipment and accessories needed for tattooing and is suitable for both novice and experienced tattoo artists. The equipment and accessories of Fine Tattoo Kit are very convenient and practical, which can meet the operational needs of tattoo artists and are also easy to clean and maintain. It helps to create high quality tattoos that are professional, sophisticated and detailed. This series includes Cordless Battery Kit, Cordless Battery Kit and Wireless Tattoo Pen Kit. It is also a popular choice for tattoo artists as it is widely used tattoo studios, beauty salons, makeup schools, art institutions and individual tattoo creations.

For professional tattoo artists who want a comprehensive,top-of-the-line and high quality solution, the Creative Studio series offers powerful and reliable machines, top quality inks and instructional materials, for which it is equipped with online tutorials, training videos and other resources that can help artists master new techniques and provide strong support for the tattoo artist's long, high-precision creative work.This series includes the Artist Pens and Wireless Tattoo Pen.


Ultimately, the kit an artist chooses will depend on their individual needs and goals. However, whichever kit they choose, each one provides a great starting point or upgrade for the artist's tattooing journey. By investing in the right tools and accessories, artists can create beautiful and unique tattoos that will enhance their reputation and make their have a great tattoo experience.

April 15, 2023

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