Tattoo artistry demands precision, power, and reliability. Enter the Mast Archer2 Brushless Motor – a game-changer in the world of tattoo equipment. This high-performance motor redefines standards with its cutting-edge technology and innovative design, tailored specifically for tattoo artists who seek excellence in every stroke.

Why Brushless Motors?

Brushless motors, as their name suggests, operate without brushes. The core of this technology lies in its unique structure: the rotor is made of strong magnetic permanent magnets, while the stator holds the coils. This eliminates the need for brushes and commutators, leading to numerous benefits:

  • Longer Lifespan:Without brushes to wear out, brushless motors have a significantly longer life.
  • Superior Efficiency:These motors deliver high performance with reduced energy consumption.
  • Minimal Noise:Brushless motors are quieter, reducing both electrical and acoustic noise.
  • Enhanced Speed and Acceleration:They offer superior speed and acceleration capabilities.

Here's a quick comparison of brushed and brushless motors:


Brushed Motor

Brushless Motor


Short (brushes wear out)

Long (no brushes to wear)

Speed and Acceleration






Electrical Noise

Noisy (brush arcing)


Acoustic Noise & Torque Ripple


Medium (trapezoidal) or Good (sine)



Medium (added electronics)

Mast Archer2: The Perfect Blend of Precision and Power


Superior Efficiency

The Mast Archer2 Mcore-R brushless motor stands out with its wear-free and high-efficiency operation. The permanent magnet rotor and stator coil design ensures constant peak torque, low energy consumption, and extended battery life. This stability allows artists to create even the tiniest patterns with ease.


Precise Control

Featuring an advanced feedback control system, the Mast Archer2 provides unparalleled control over tattooing. Whether creating fine, smooth lines or vivid color fills, this motor ensures every stroke is precise and accurate.

Quiet Art Space

Say goodbye to the noise of traditional motors. The Mast Archer2 operates almost silently, fostering a serene creative environment. This quiet operation enhances the overall tattooing experience, allowing customers to relax and enjoy the process.

Constant Durability, Worry-free Maintenance


The brushless structure of the Mast Archer2 guarantees long-life operation, reducing the frequency of maintenance. This translates to lower overall costs and a reliable, economical solution for tattoo artists.

Portable Design, Freedom to Create


Lightweight and minimalist, the Mast Archer2 is perfect for mobile tattoo artists. Easily portable, it allows you to showcase your mastery anytime, anywhere.

Cutting-edge Technology, Reinventing Precision and Stability

The Mast Archer2 utilizes the latest motor technology, improving responsiveness and acceleration while minimizing electrical noise and mechanical vibration. This ensures ultimate stability even during the most delicate operations, guaranteeing flawless tattoo artwork.

Versatility Beyond Tattoos

The Mast Archer2's versatility extends beyond tattooing. Its precision and adaptability make it ideal for various applications, from professional studios to independent artists. This motor is highly favored in multiple precision operation scenarios.

Join the Brushless Era

Innovate with us by choosing the Mast Archer2 brushless motor. Experience the future of tattoo art and take your craft to new heights. Click the link to explore this revolutionary product and join the brushless era.

May 18, 2024

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