Dragonhawk M5 Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine



Dragonhawk M5 Rotary Pen Machine

Dragonhawk cartridge tattoo machine precision DC motor, continuous operation, Low noise, Long-lasting stability, Light weight, unibody. Compatible with all cartridge needles.
allowing a tailored tattooing experience to accomplish a wide variety of styles and techniques, well-rounded rotary tattoo machine designed for utmost accuracy and control. Emulating the grip and feel of an actual pen, this machine allows for more comfortable and precise tattooing procedures than traditional machines.
Ergonomic, lightweight pen-style machine. This machine features a powerful custom Mast motor and an advanced gear system that guarantees reliable, quiet operation without any vibration


Weight: 194g
Diameter :35mm
Machine Length: 122mm
Stroke Length: 3.5mm
Speed: 12V/10500Rpm
Working Voltage: 5-12V