Dragonahwk Complete Beginners M6 Tattoo Pen Machine Wireless battery Kit D13-1DC

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Dragonahwk Complete Beginners M6 Tattoo Pen Machine Wireless battery Kit 

Dragonhawk M6 Tattoo Pen Kit: It has everything to start your tattoo work, the M6 tattoo pen has 4.0mm stroke length that better for starter get easy tattoo lining. New style frame is more easy control than other tattoo machines.
Professional Tattoo Kit: All Dragonhawk tattoo supplies tested by pro artists. We provide all pro tattoo supplies for beginner. The inks are safe and vegan friendly, cartridges needles are Ethylene oxide (EO) gas sterilized and individually packaged. M6 tattoo pen used with our pro team to tattooing.
Dragonhawk M6 Tattoo Pen and Cartridges Needles:  M6 tattoo pen machine has 4.0mm stroke length, continuous operation, Low noise, Long-lasting stability, Light weight, unibody.  One piece needle and plunger overmold allows for maximum stability and control.

Dragonhawk B1 wireless battery is small and light weight 40g,
1300Mah powerful high capacity can work 6-12 hours and efficient voltage.
Simple operating system, adjustable voltage range 4-12V
Long press to power On/Off


Dragonhawk M6 tattoo pen machine, 20pcs cartridges needles, tattoo inks, B1 wireless battery,tattoo ink, ink cups and so on.