Macropin Cartridges Needles 0.35MM Standard Magnum(MGL) 5mm Taper - Box of 10


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Traditional Game Changed: Macropin tattoo cartridges needles perfect for traditional coils tattoo machines. More easy tattoo with coils machine, the artists say bye to find different sizes tubes for traditional needles.
US-patented: the Macropin cartridges has unique design on the world tattoo market, this design made for traditional game changed. Make all artists tattoo more easy with coils tattoo machines, especially beginner friendly.
Safe Material: These cartridge tattoo needles are made with medical grade plastic housing, which helps reduce friction between the needle grouping and the tip. The surgical steel needles are razor-sharp and designed with utmost precision for every configuration.
More Easy Tattoo: They now come with a sleeker design and transparent housing for better visibility. including liner, shader, magnum, and soft-edge magnum needle types, to suit your style.
Sterilized and hygienic; single-use disposable material with medical plastic tips. Sleeker profile to support handling