Dragonhawk Rotary Tattoo Machine with Clip Cord


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Product features

This rotary machine can give you a high-performance tattoo experience.Rotary tattoo machine gets popular gradually,because it is more light-weighted, quiet,stable and strong powered.So that more tattoo artist are able to experience a light and convenient way of work,just like "painting on the body".This is the development trend for the tattoo work in the future.This machine is provided with the needle buckle,so there is no need to use rubber band, which is beautiful and durable
Function: both for liner and shading
Recommended operating voltage: 7-9v


Net weight: 125g
Technical characteristics: CNC carved, ultra light, high-hardness space aluminum material
Driver: Imported motor
Motor characteristics: Swiss -imported motor, 9V, 10000 r/pm
Lining voltage: 7-8.5 V(Depending on the power supply you are using.)
Shading voltage: 8-10 V(Depending on the power supply you are using.)
Free RCA Clip cord