Dragonhawk S11 Pro Wireless Tattoo Kit B2 Battery with Tattoo Needles Cartridges


Longying S11 tattoo pen bag is better than playing tattoo bag,

suitable for general tattoo teachers to learn more than one year.

Legendary black, Mcore coreless motor power,

built-in Mastlabs cognitive function, ESP chip.

32mm soft stripe handle, 3.5mm stroke length, seamless frame,

quality aluminum and strong steel

all these elements combine to make this tattoo pen

stylish and durable enough to satisfy your growing tattoo skills

Kit includes:

1*Dragonhawk  S11 wireless tattoo  machine


20*Cartridges needles(LY-1203RL、LY-1205RM)

1*Practise skin

1*Transfer paper

1*Black Ink 5ml


1*Marker pen

20*Ink cups

1*Grip cover