Dragonhawk Silver Grade Tattoo Needles 0.35mm Round Shader



Flat Tin solder, fine craft, high-quality steel, neatly tip arrangement
High-grade Silver Standard Round Shader Disposable Tattoo Needles Supply
Dragonhawk high-grade silver standard needle:
High-quality tattoo needles are choosen under high magnification microscope , each have a high quality.
After ethylene oxide sterilization, disposable dialysis paper packaging has a blue chemical reaction instructions
Drangonhawk tattoo needle stick to create a product focus on quality , hygiene and safety , so that the tattoo process is free of worry.
Dragonhawk standard high-grade needle make sure of great applicability,appropriate sharpness , get started simply and easy to master, full and smooth lines
to ensure to put on color quickly and small skin damage, widely applicable to all the tattoo artist group.