Dragonhawk X7 Wireless Tattoo Machine with Smart Screen AI with 3.5MM Stroke

$129.99 $179.00

Dragonhawk X7 Wireless Tattoo Machine

This is the first machine we have developed with Smart Screen AI. What is smart screen ai? The machine is equipped with a smart chip that senses the resistance of the needle piercing the skin and adjusts the motor torque in time to ensure the best piercing intensity, and any skin area can be easily colored. Color screen, which can reflect a more comprehensive real-time data of the working time, voltage values, easy to browse.
At the same time, we have conducted data statistics based on the usage habits of various users and preset the preset values preferred by most artists
A7 : Basic lining level. Suitable for round liner cartridge up to 7RL or for beginners. The preset voltage value is 7V.
B9 : Advanced lining level. For more than 9RL cartridge or professional tattoo artist use. Preset voltage value of 9V
C6 : basic shading level. For 9M within the mag cartridge or for beginners to use, preset voltage value of 6V.
D10 : advanced lining gear. Suitable for up to 11M needles or for beginners. Preset voltage value is 10V
E8 : Totem level. Also suitable for totem style work. Preset voltage value is 8V

Weight: 180g only machine/ 213g with battery
Diameter: 33mm
Length: 135mm
Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
Motor: M-core brushless motor
Working time:6-7 hours
Speed: 12V/ 10500 Rpm

What includes in the set:
1* Dragonhawk x7 machine
2* Batteries(1800mAh each)
1* Charger