Dragonhawk X8 Tunable Frequency Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine 4MM Stroke

$114.00 $189.00

This is the first frequency adjustable wireless battery pen we have--Dragonhawk X8 which can remeber the 5-speed beloved frequency, power,working time records. The true sense of a multifuntional machine, through the frequency of fast and slow adjustment can help tattoo artist to find new possibilities

Frequency: Machine can adjust the needle out to an ultra-low frequency of 180 times/minute, as well as a high frequency of 9000 times/minute, and maintain strong power.
Large Battery: 1500 mAh battery can contine to work 2.5-3 hours. It is a balanced sharpener that any can easily get started
Powerful Motor: Equipped with brushless motor, longer lifespain and professional design brings longevity and quiet running.
Light and small: Only 144g of ultra-light weight, 4.0MM stroke do all tattoo styles, maximum diameter 32MM, body height 113MM.
Timing: The machine has a timing function, i.e. it records the time the machine is used

Motor: Powerful Brushless Motor
Stroke: 4MM
Speed: 180-9000 rpm
Color: Black, red, pink, blue and green
Input voltage: DC5V-1A
Battery Capacity: 1500 mAh
Charging Method: Type-C
Working Time: 2.5-3H
Charging Time: 2 hours