Mast Flash Rotary Tattoo Machine Mast Pro Cartridges Needles Power Supply

$129.99 $141.99

This Mast Flash tattoo machine has a sleek, lightweight body. It is exclusively compatible with cartridge needles
Mast Flash tattoo machine has a reliable 3.5mm stroke length. Flash partners flawlessly with the cartridge grip, which has an adjustable needle protrusion of 0mm up to 4.5mm and an ergonomic design for comfortable tattooing. Easily adjust needle depth with a simple turn or “click” of the grip, which has a 1” diameter. The grip is also durable and autoclave-safe.
New tattoo advanced gear system which enable make the liner smooth, soft, and quiet operation.Flexible and lightweight for more comfortable tattooing in different style. Gently and smoothly transfers ink to skin; suitable for all skin types.
Effortless to cover and protect Efficient cartridge change and replacement. Package include one Mast Flash rotary tattoo machine and one RCA cord