Mast Flip2 Tattoo Kit Tattoo Pen Machine Gun Kit Wireless Rotary Tattoo Kit with Adjustable Strokes Length

$129.99 $163.99

Mast Flip2 offering 7 strokes 2.6mm-4.2mm options, change your stroke on the fly just by turning the adjustment knob, lets you tattoo in any style with ease.
Mast Flip2 Cord Cordless tattoo pen was designed to deliver the tattooing performance that experts demand, specifically designed for creating lining, layering, shading and blending, all with the freedom of a cordless tattoo pen; intended for professional use only
Flip Pro bagged with Mcore motor, Ultra Power No-Snag Motor allows for exceptional power and durability and glides through the thickest skin without snagging or pulling, it makes the machine have good balance between lines and shading, and perfect for demanding lining and color packing.

Kit includes:

1* Mast Flip2 Tattoo Machine

1* Battery

20* Mast Pro Cartridges((size in random)

20*  Ink Cup

1* Bandage

2* Practice skin


1* 0.5OZ Ink

1* Gloves