Mast Ocean Heart Cartridges Needles – Box of 20


OCEAN HEART Aesthetic Design

OCEAN HEART introduces the world’s first Colorful Gradient Permanent Makeup Cartridge, a revolutionary aesthetic design in the industry. This unique cartridge employs multi-color injection technology, creating enchanting gradient visual effects that make each MAST cartridge a masterpiece. The new generation cartridge taper design is thinner, longer, and ultra-slim, ensuring more accurate coloring. 

  • World’s First: Introducing the colorful gradient Permanent Makeup Cartridge.
  • Unique Visuals: Multi-colored gradients created by multi-color injection technology, each MAST cartridge is a distinct masterpiece.
  • Innovative Cartridge Taper: Thinner, longer, ultra-slim design for precise coloring, inspired by global embroidery artists.
  • Enhanced Functionality: Smooth inking, durable needles, and stable operation.
  • Artistic Freedom: Tools that cater to every creative need.
  • Core Philosophy: “Find beauty, create beauty, share beauty, become the beauty.”
  • Fashion Statement: Elevate your tools beyond function; embrace them as a fashion statement.