Mast S9 Coreless Powerful Motor Tattoo Pen Kit


This tattoo pen advanced gear system that smooth, soft, and quiet operation, Ideal healing results. Flexible and lightweight for every style Gently and smoothly transfers ink to skin; suitable for all skin types.
Machine: Slim body design give you comfortable feeling. Compatiable all universal needles
Battery: With a simple operating system, equipped with a large capacity of 1100 mAh, can continue to work for three hours. And have instant start up function, allows the battery start the pen machine with the changing voltage into the standard starting up voltage of a certain machine instantly.

Specifications of Machine
Motor: Coreless Motor
Speed: 10V/10000RPM
Connect Cord: RCA
Working Voltage:5V-10V

Specifications of Battery:
Output interface: RCA
Operating Voltage: 5-12V
Battery Capacity: 1100 mAh
Charging Interface: Type-C
Weight: 41g

Package includes:
RCA cable*1
Charger cable*1
0.5OZ Ink*1
Ink cup*16
Practice Skin*1

Mast Pro needles*10