Mast Tour Air Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Mast Tattoo Kit



The Mast Tour Air combines cutting-edge technological innovations to deliver a superior performance upgrade.

Inheriting the portability of the "Mast Tour" series, ensuring it's easily portable anytime, anywhere.

The Mast Tour Air is more than just a machine; it's an intelligent assistant.

Equipped with Mcore motor ,enough powerful brings an array of integrated smart features, from liner assistance to shader task management, it offers convenience in both daily life and work.

Whether you need tattooing or permanents, the Mast Tour Air readily meets your needs.

Kit includes:

Mast Tour Air includes one tattoo pen*1

T2 tattoo battery*1

Mast SMP cartridge tattoo needles*20pcs

Tattoo ink,cups*20

Black Ink 0.5OZ Ink*1

Grip cover*1

Practice skin*1

Transfer stencil paper*1