Mast Tattoo P20 Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Gun Kit Slim Cordless Pen with Cartridges Needles Black Ink



MAST P20 SMP - Mast P20 pen machine come with original 24mm grip for easy bagging & travel friendly.
UPDATE MOTOR by MCORE- Mast P20 tattoo pen motor upgrade with Mcore ensure the safety and durability.
MAST P20 INFORMATION - Weight: 122g( 0.26lbs). Needles Depth: 0-4.0mm. Stroke Length: 2.5mm. .voltage: 4-10V ,1000mAh battery capacity ,working time 2-3hours.can be changeable
Equipped with 1000 mAh battery which can last 4~6 hours, worry-free and smooth completion of your work.Specially tuned stroke and speed for artists, coloring efficiency are more efficient, reducing skin damage.simple and efficient control of buttons and screen, no need to pay much more learning costs.


1* MAST P20 machine

20* Mast Pro needles

20* Ink cup

1*Marker pen

1* Gloves

1* 0.5OZ Ink


1*Dragonhawk symbol

1*Transfer paper 

Other accessories