Mast Tour Pro Rotary Tattoo Pen Machine Wireless Battery Kit

$143.99 $185.00

The Mast Tour Pro rotary tattoo pen machine is a durable machine with pen-like design, Flexible and lightweight for every style Gently and smoothly transfers ink to skin; suitable for all skin types. Effortless to cover and protect Efficient cartridge change and replacement. Compatible with power supplies and wireless power batteries with start-up function, direct drive working principle suit for all kinds of tattoos.

Machine Specifications:

Net Weight: 127g
Machine Diameter: 32mm
Machine Length: 85mm
Needle Protrusion: 0 up to 4mm
Stroke Length: 3.6mm
Suggest Voltage: 5-8V
Motor Speed: 7.5V/1000Rpm
Continuous, quiet, and gentle operation
Custom Mast coreless motor

Battery Specification:

Weight: 53g
Diameter: 32mm
Length: 50mm
Battery Capacity: 1350mAh
Working Voltage: 5-12V