Mast Tour2 Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine with Thin & Short Frame Powerful Motor by Mcore



About this item

  • MAST TOUR UPGRADE: Mast Tour2 is the upgraded version of the popular Mast Tour series, which has been loved by many women artists for its easy bagging and travel-friendly design. With a 19mm grip, this tattoo pen machine is perfect for precise line work, black and grey shading, and solid color packing. Experience faster and more quality tattooing with our powerful motor upgrade by Mcore-C series.
  • UPDATE MOTOR by MCORE: Mast Tour2 features an authentic and innovative motor upgrade by Mcore. This special mechanism not only provides a good direct hit but also offers enough softness for a comfortable tattooing experience. Achieve ideal healing results with the smooth, soft, and quiet operation of our tattoo pen machine.
  • INNOVATION SPECIAL MECHANISM: The Mast Tour2 stands out with its special mechanism that combines a strong direct hit with just the right amount of softness. This unique feature ensures precise and accurate tattooing, allowing you to create stunning designs with ease. Say goodbye to trauma and hello to a remarkable tattooing tool designed for professional tattoo artists.
  • TESTED, TRUSTED & GIFT - Tested by our studio experts to beat competitors. Trusted by ultimate judges – our 2.0 million customers worldwide. Original design, stylish look, quality craftsmanship—all these features make this tattoo kit a perfect birthday or anniversary gift for your family and friends. Or, just gift yourself one—you’re worth it!
  • Simplicity and Convenience:The Mast Tour2 is designed for simplicity and ease of use. Featuring a convenient RCA connection, it allows for seamless integration with your existing setup. The straightforward design ensures that you can quickly and easily achieve your tattoo work, making it a reliable choice for both professional and amateur tattoo artists.