Dragonhawk Mast Sterilization Box Portable and Convenient for Tattoo Artists

$54.78 $59.00

Sterilization box simple design style pearl white color

In order to sterilize the machine in all aspects, and more convenient for tattoo artists, Dragonhawx launched this sterilization box to meet the needs of more tattoo artists.

1.Portable UV+UVC light sterilization box
Body size 22cm * 9.2cm * 5.8cm; 99.99% germicidal rate of UV disinfection can be broad-spectrum kill a variety of microorganisms,including bacteria viruses, branching bacteria, fungi Rickettsia and mycoplasma, etc.

2.Multiple UV light ports
THOROUGHLY Multiple UV light ports are located in all corners of this box,Each20,00ouWi/cm2 radiation illumination UV lamp can be eliminated bac-teria within 240s using uva uvc dual wavelengths

3.Auto-off protection
Just touch the ON button, the sterilization box will be240 seconds countdown to work, if you accidentallyopen the lid in the middle, the sterilization hight auto-matically shut down to avoid human exposure, safeand worry-free.

4.International certification
Pass certifications: CE,FC, RoHs,Environmental profection agency of US

5.Design flexible holder, every side will be irradiated and sterilized
All tattoo pen machine size can be put in this box.Reasonable space layout
Fits tattoo machines 22-34mm in diameter
Fits tattoo machines 18-22mm in diameter
Guarding the health and safety of your tattoo business.