WJX Tattoo Cartridges Sample Mixed Size Curved Magnum RL RS


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WJX new Tattoo Cartridges Needles providing the most convinence, stable and more richer types, needles match with more models
Brand new and high performance design will highly increase the efficient of your traditional coil machine
For professional tattoo artists who's haveing more high demand to quality and efficirncy ,
This needles will take it to extreme on their picky hands
The tip of the needle fits perfectly with the shell of the needle, making the ink smooth and the needle stable and smooth.

Mix Size Box:
1003RL, 1203RL, 1205RL, 1205RS, 1207M, 1209RM, 1211RM, 1211M, 1213RM, 1215RM each 2pcs